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Psych Ward: DAY 7


Note: All entries typed on my phone. Entries will be brief because of this.
A: Recap
Back on ward after 3 and a bit years, I wasn’t coping well and it took me a long time to settle in.
I’m somewhere new this time D20 psych at Charles Gairdner Hospital.
Was planning to be shifted around but I’m being kept here long term.

I will blog at the end of each day.
I didn’t for the first six so from now on I will try.

Anxious about new nurses and facility but settled in quickly.
A bit lost, acting Very autistic.
Often feel unable to communicate and trapped in my own head.
Bad serious anxiety and panic attacks.
Sensory problems at maximum. Everything is too loud or too bright.
A slammed door can make me fall to the ground. Slowly getting better.
Met with psych team briefly.
Prescribed rest, therapy and drugs. Asked to participate in group program as of monday the 1st.
Diagnosed : Aspergers possible bipolar.
Drugs: Seroquel and Lorazepam
Lorazepam is PRN to take when needed seroquel 50mg at night.
This is on top of my hormones.

Day :7
Woke up in a total mood shift today
Felt angry frustrated for no real reason
Punched a wall and kicked over a chair
Given seroquel and lorezepam.
Rested for awhile. Did alot of reading.
Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine.
Southern Theory by Raewyn Connell
Sat in the courtyard and listened to Nirvana.

They have a good piano here.
Great sound and action.

Other residents from every spectrum:
DID, Bipolar, Borderline, Schitzo, Auties, PTSD, Drug Abuse rehab, Brain Damaged. Fun lot. Makes dinner times interesting.

Breakfast: Toast & Cereal with Orange juice
Lunch: Grilled Chicken and veggies, Ice Cream!!!!
Dinner: Eating at hospital cafe

I have been given hospital grounds privileges. Allowed off ward but not off grounds.