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The Turning of Morgan Laudine

The Turning of Morgan Laudine.-Excerpt from the diary of Mathias Sprout: Junior Record Keeper, Luskan Library.

Morgan was born over 200 years ago, the daughter of a noble household, her mother was a handmaiden in the court of the govenor of Luskan, a city on the Northwest Coast of Faerun. Her father, an influential merchant who traded in antiquities and rare artifacts.

She was only young when she was turned, it was late winter the snow was heavy that year. In her dreams she heard a faint singing, mournful and so sad, tossing and turning she awoke in the dead of night, the air was freezing, she could see her breath in the air, the last time she would. The singing came again, surrouding her, screaming in her ears, seemingly coming from every direction. She heard a loud knock on the door of her bedroom, she froze and the singing vanished. Her father was standing in the doorway, the warm light of the fireplace in the library reflected behind him. He was old, dressed in traditional court attire, his bright smile and toothy grin beamed at her.

“are you okay Morgan?, I’ve been out late with a meeting with the local dutchy and I could hear your screaming even from the courtyard!”Yes father, i’m fine, just a nightmare..nothing more than that I think. I’ll try and get some more sleep.'”well that’s a good girl, remember you’ve got etiquette training in the morning, then horse riding afterwards, so you’ll need your sleep!”You’re right of course, good night”sleep well’

And with that he closed the door, and clomped off down the corridor and up to the second floor.

She pressed her head into the pillow, desperate to sleep, when she heard it again, the singing, so sad. so very very sad, a womans voice.’rise little one’The voice was quiet, barely a whisper, a voice of shadow and night, wind and the moon. soft, dark, slurring.She rose from the bed the white sheets of the cover falling softly back onto the bed, and clad only in her nightie she opened the door and stepped into the corridor.

It was freezing, the fire that shone so brightly before had dimmed to embers and the cold had leaked back into the house. The singing came again, and the voice, ‘come….’ her body follwed, she was entranced, the voice was so beautiful, so wonderful and yet…Across the hall, through the library she walked, the door to her fathers study stood before her, old mahogony wood, symbols on the door in some anchient language, her father said it was a gift from something called an Eladrin.The voice again, ‘The door, open it…’For a momment she could talk, hear herself ‘I can’t fathers study is off limits’ open…it…”but..I…'”OPEN IT”

She turned the handle, the door creaking on it’s hinges as it opened.Her fathers study was beautiful, old books and strange containers with all manner of things stacked everywhere, scrolls littered the floor, and a huge globe, the entire known world of faerun stood next to an old rocking chair. And on the opposite side of the room, a large wooden desk, of beautiful dark wood, covered in symbols and runes, stange writing from all manner of languages, the top covered in papers along with an ink well and quill.

‘THE DESK”I…cannot”go…the desk…there is a compartment…hiddeen…a the desk drawer.’ She felt her body move to the far end of the desk and into the chair her father would sit at.Her hands moved, the desk drawer was opened, the gold key suddenly in her hand. Where did she get it, she had no clue. Her thoughts sluggish.

She pulled the drawer out entirely, scattering it’s contents, old quills, bits of parchment, letters, all over the floor. Her fingers moved along the surface of the bottom of the desk, where the drawer had been.’…this…you are…nearly…there….find..the…’ A catch, a small compartment opened in the top of the desk.’….this…my prison, for such…a long time…..’The comparment held a lever, encrusted with runes, sparkling dark metal. She reached in and pulled.’…wonderful…oh soo close…’The sides of the small compartment fell away, the top of the desk, smealessly fell into the sides, a space within a space, larger on the inside.’You…there…I am here…find…me’Her fingers pushed into the inky blankness of the space in the desk, she felt it, hard, perfect, she withdrew her hand.In the palm of her small hand lay a perfect diamond, pulsing with a soft red light, the singing again, louder this time, coming from all around her…and the voice…’my prision, cast in here long ago, a cruel joke cast in here by an eladrin witch..but now…I am free.’That voice was so cold.

The diamond shattered in her hand, energy flew up into her eyes. And with that. Morgan Laudine was dead.

But not. She awoke, stone cold, so so cold. Her arms were covered in blood. Everything was covered in blood. Two corpses lay at her feet. Her parents bedroom. And she screamed.


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