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Life Update.

Life continues, as it usually does.
I have temporarily relocated to my parents beach house, I need the quiet, I don’t know quiet when I’m going to come home. I have a lot of writing to do in the meantime and I only think I can get it done here. Away from the rest of my life.

I’ve been very lonely recently, very far away. I saw an old video of heather on my me sad.
Those nights when you miss having somebody to cuddle you warm and safe in bed. I’ve been having a lot of those recently.
I’ll work it out of course, I always do in the end.

My acne has flared up again. This is irritating the hell out of me. I’m 25. Why does this happen.
Maybe it’s stress.

Last week I was stressed and flapping again during a panic attack in public.
I hate the way people look at me when I have those.
I’m not a degenerate crazy, I’m just a touch autistic. Ableism is rife. And it stinks.

Today I’ll wander down to the beach with my notepad, see if I can’t put some ideas down on paper.
My photography hit a wall so long ago that I didn’t even bring it. I should have.

I need a muse.




street outside home

On the momment.

Not much been up of late, doing a little design for my house-mate, I’ve put a few photos and files for your enjoyment up on my server, they can be found here. A mix of photos, a few of my fav mp3s and a piano recording, and some other stuff too if you care to look.

Here’s to talking more and having stuff to chat about, I’m also playing Star Trek: Online a lot at the momment my handle is @samanth0r if you’re interested.

I’ve also got a twitter going now over at :
If you’re bored you can follow expect rubbish that I post regularly.

Okay assholes, till next time –


The Contents of my fridge

Half a bottle tomato sauce
several slices of prosciutto
chicken kebabs, breasts and satay sticks
3 cans of kentucky burbon & coke
3 bottles of cider
1 can kilkenny irish ale
2 Bottles of ‘Raging Bull’ 7.5% Alcohol content Beer
2 sticks of butter
1 tub of margarine
half a bottle of sweet chilli sauce
1 tub vegemite

Today I’m talking about ads it’s a new thing, I’m doing Media critiques expect more. I will note of course the usage of heteronormative couples throughout both the ads examined here. But I’m going to be examining anxious masculinity in australian commercials.

First up is an ad for Telstra Next G mobile in this the guy is interested in buying of all things a mounted stuffed hideous fish. He walks around oblivious to his girlfriends obvious sighs.
Talks about buying a stuffed fish on ebay (over his phone) and putting in the lounge.

We also need to examine the behaviour and characteristics on the woman in the ad. She’s feminine and portrayed to be the girlfriend or partner of the man in the commercial.nHowever when the man remarks that he wants to put the fish in the lounge she remarks under hear breath ‘not in my lounge’, later instead of standing up and saying that she doesn’t want the fish in the house she lies to him and says that her phone is not working so the man can’t buy the fish.

She fails to stand up for herself.
Now there have been numerous feminist looks at the behaviour of women in these kind of commercials.
I really don’t want to talk about that right here.
Next we can look at a similar commercial for a company called ‘British Paints!’.

We see the big burly guy so proud that he’s just painted a room bright blue (traditionally masculine colour) and his wife who seems just ecstatic at the job he has done. This is all fair enough. Blue is quite a nice colour. I’ve got nothing against that.

However next the camera pans to a giant stuffed moose’s head on the wall.

The ad cuts back to the man who replies.

“err we had some money left over…’

These ads may not be that serious in tone, and they may even be satirical but I find it very interesting the subject.

The Moose Head. The Stuffed Fish. Taxidermy.

These conjure images of hunting, fetes of ‘strength’ and almost Hemingway-esque ideas about what it is to be masculine.

It’s very interesting to note this because according to the Australian Bureau Statistics survey of Adult Participation in sports and physical recreation 2009  (4156.0 – Sports and Physical Recreation: A Statistical Overview, Australia, 2009) Hunting was not popular enough to even make the census list. (I assume as it is not included in the statistics where-as things like bushwalking are)

So the year is 2010 and we are still being shown these outdated ideas of what it is to be masculine and ‘male’ in todays culture. Is this patriarchy at work subconsciously influencing designers and copywriters to influence masculinity or simply a parody of this kind of masculinity?

Well it certainly is Food for thought none the less.

I’m going to stick my personal opinion as writer in here and put it down to patriarchy clinging to outdated ideas of masculinity.

This is often called ‘Anxious Masculinity’ where the need for showing how manly you are no matter how ridiculous beats out common sense in an effort to hold onto something in a world where the very idea of what it means to be men and women is changing rapidly.


I got a really good job with a small marketing company it is also a coporate think tank thing. It is interesting and keeps me entertained.

New blogging gig…

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