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Shit just got real. (i.e my novel) June Just Got Real.


trivial thoughts …

yesterday i had no cellphone comms, because, “they’re working on the poseidon line,” and then my reverse gear fucked up due to a leak in the slave cylinder.  now if that doesn’t sound rather cyberpunk i dunno whut does.

cyberpunk sci-fi otherly freak geeks

so i was talking to sam tonight about how today i was thinking about why it’s very logical that “people like us” – the misfit, deviant types *grin* are so into sci-fi and cyberpunk.  it’s so fucking obvious.  right from that bar in star wars where harrison ford’s hanging with the freaks, there we are … the tired old faded and jaded stubbly cowboys  … fitting in only where nobody fits in.  and cyberpunk … j0y!  got tentacles and no tan?  who gives a fuck as long as you can jack in and cut ice instead of farting about trying to break goddamn conversational ice.  i’m rereading neuromancer in celebration of my very slow and long-overdue epiphany.

that is all.

Cyberpunk Fashion Watch #1

In this blog we love to talk about cyberpunk.
That is the idea of an interconnected future where the internet is everywhere ala William Gibson. But cyberpunk is also about a particular style of not only being but dressing and such.

So we bring you the continuing series cyberpunk fashion watch. Where we show you awesome things you could be wearing to look more cyberpunky??? I wish i had money for this.

The Diesel Dz7127 in Laser Blue/Yellow

The Diesel Dz7127 in Laser Blue/Yellow <- From here

Awesome! anyone got 400 bucks!