Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Airport Ideals.

Airports are strange places, but it took me a little bit of thinking to realise why.
I mean aside from the fact they are manufactured environments.
They are manufactured environments whos sole purpose is to bring people into a country and to help people get acquainted and out into their exciting holiday destinations.

It’s no small irony that every possible square meter of space is leased out to brand name labels.
Hilfiger, McDonalds, FCUK and GAP seem to attack me from every square foot of wall.
They almost upstage the place I’m visiting, becoming the reason you travel as apposed to just another outlet.

It says ‘Look we’re here, The brand that you love, no matter how far you go here we are. Comfort!’

Once you look past the lights and the bustle, it’s really oppressive and designed not so much to get you to buy here but to make you aware that those shops you love exist here as well.
Globalization is eating the world one public space at a time.


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