Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

The world spins…

Things keep turning and life goes on.

Got a new job that is fairly boring, I wrote a song for a friend for when she was down.

Action begins at 0:30 – *Song For Izz*

(action starts at 50 seconds in)
It’s not partciularly good and I lose my details at about 3 minutes for about 30 seconds because I have difficulty making my fingers keep up with what my head wants to do.

I’m off to Sydney on the 25th to see a gig, seriously looking forward to it.
Details here :

Yes i’m going to go see Amanda Palmer again, I need to quit doing this.
I’ve even got tickets to her Perth gig at flybynight a week later. Awesometastic.

Love living in central Perth, it’s really doing me some good, allowing me to get out of the house more, overcome my anxieties deal with the ‘Real’ for awhile.

Sociology at uni is slowly killing me and I have no idea if I’ll ever finish my degree. This blog is rapidly getting boring. Got a cool chick named Jen living with me, she likes the same stuff I do and enjoys my music which is always a bonus, as having a house mate who didn’t would probably drive me mildly insane.

Must write more things here, I stopped for a good long while. Hope to change this.

See you all soon,


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