Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Good news everybody!

Was down on campus, guild Education Vice President asked if I would be interested in being an equity ambassador and help new equity (read different abled/neurodiverse) students on campus and help them get around. This is pretty awesome.
On top of this I’m all enrolled for second semester (Sociology), as well as this one of my close friends mentioned she new an autism research specialist/psychologist  on campus named Dr David Leach, I went to see him today, while he doesn’t normally bring on patients, because I am a student on campus he is willing to see me as a psych for as long as I’m there.

This is some of the most awesome news I’ve had in a very long time.


5 responses

  1. That is very excellent indeed

    2010/07/15 at 8:49 pm

  2. jen

    Oh wow, you must go to the same uni as me! Dr Leach was a guest lecturer one week in my app of psych unit last semester – he clearly made an impression as I actually remember his name and topic (we had a different guest every week). It’s wonderful that he’s happy to see you 🙂

    2010/07/16 at 1:30 am

  3. I go to Murdoch University. You?

    2010/07/16 at 7:35 am

  4. jen

    Yes, that one 🙂
    I’m doing gender & culture and psych.

    2010/07/16 at 10:50 am

    • ..oh god. You’re probably in my class. XD I do Gender & Culture + Sociology.
      I am not doing a gender unit this semester only sociology…this is mildly creepy and awesome. I’ll be on campus all day monday… (helping out with the Pre Orientation Programme) I’ll also be down in the guild ammenities building, if you want to get in contact with me go ask for Melissa Brave, she’s the guild EVP and one of my friends so she will know where I am.

      2010/07/16 at 6:02 pm

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