Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Gaming Log 10/7/2010

9:46 pm
Game: Bad Company: 2

A brief gaming session tonight only two maps.
Conquest mode, nobody really working together tonight.
When I left Had a score of 1000, which is fairly average for me, particularly on the Atacama Desert map.
Everyone seemed to be going engineer tonight and my side kept getting demolished.
Funnest bit on this map? Probably hiding inside a demolished building with two rockets left as an enemy helicopter circles

overhead. You could hear it, I couldn’t see it at all. and every time it would swoosh past firing it’s rockets.
The worst part was I didn’t have a tracer dart equipped which makes choppers seriously hard to hit without them.
So I ran out from cover fired off my rocket launcher when BOOM across the map, a tank shell falls at my position.
No luck today

We had more luck on the previous map with two wins before the map change.
I can’t remember the name of this one, pretty sure it was valpariso, and I did fairly well capturing a point single handedly.
Left that round with about 800 points and only 3 kills (worth 50 a peice barring special circumstances) in this map all my kills were saviour which was totally neat, as saving another team mate gains you an extra 100 points and doing it 3 times grants you an extra 100 at rounds end as well as the ‘Saviour pin’.

Best momment of this map? Right at the end I’m driving in a tank to support some allies at a position we had just captured.
There was a huge cloud of smoke over the road directly in front of me with the barn to the left. assuming the enemy was in the barn and that was their smoke hiding guys ready to blow me up, I firedly widly with the main gun into the side of the barn.
It promptly colapsses and thats when I see it. Across the bottom of my screen -100 Killed Teammate. 3 times.
My whole team had been hiding in the barn waiting to ambush the enemy and I had wiped them all out.
Without even thinking… next time i’ll think before I just fire off tank shells.


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