Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

How Trolling makes me REALLY feel.

This post isn’t about rationality or about knowing something is wrong. It’s about emotion. It’s about how things make me feel. While I know to ignore words about how I am only valuable if I’m pretty, or how being mentally means I should just shut up and get on with life.
It makes me doubt myself as a woman, it makes me feel dis-empowered and it makes me feel depressed.
I know people troll for their own selfish reasons, or to get kicks.
There is how-ever one thing I know even more strongly which is, late at night tonight. I’m going to lie in bed and I’ll think back to this random dude’s words and a little tiny weeny part of me will say ‘what if he’s right?’ and my whole self esteem will crumble and I’ll probably cry.

At the end of the day though, that’s while I’ll always win. While we’ll always win.
Because we can cry, because we can laugh and we can feel.
That’s what allows us to be better, to better ourselves, to be strong and to be informed.

And the troll themselves? They probably cry too.
But not because of what others do to them, but because of what they do to themselves.


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