Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Junce Chapter 6: Intermission

10 hours previously.

The door had long ago pushed into it’s recess and I had taken a seat in Crows office.
Antique writing desk mahogany with a leather lined top, cost more than I could make in a thousand jobs.
The room was dark, I couldn’t see the walls, deep thick carpet under the soles of my boots.
I never did see his face, only an empty leather chair opposite the desk.
It was empty, all I heard was the same disembodied glitchy computer voice from the lobby, layer upon layer of samples, hundreds of voices from a thousand vids.
Disorientated and my head swimming with images it spoke.

“Do you know your history? What brought you here?”
’look okay my mate Aleph sent me here because she said you could help me shift some goods I have lying around, they are burning a whole in my pocket.’
’ not that at all. i’ve..been here..seen a thousand of your kind come and go through this office, soo many..all wanting the same answers.’
My back felt encased in concrete, my fingers had turned to ice.
’ creepy fuck okay I just want to shift these goods.’
’no you dont you want answers, I don’t have them. but ill take your goods anyway. Aleph..she is ..has..her uses, knows the ways and areas I can’t access people like you..I yes…’
Well this was getting repetitive.

‘are you a Construct? like an AI? I don’t see nobody to talk to around here.’
’those are small terms. They may do for now. I have your interlink code and sent you all payment in advance. server details will be forwarded to your IGE account forthwith.’
’ didn’t even…’
’does not matter.’
’the hell it doesn’t’

‘you will leave here now, my advice to you is this. follow the man you admire so much if you must, he’ll lead you up up the gravitic incline, you need to find out what happened there all those years ago, do your research, dub will help. oh and two letters you must say ‘”T-A” ’

The room went bright, colourless white space except for the leather chair and writing desk. the behind me was open, the lobby beckon behind me. I ran.


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    2010/06/01 at 8:16 am

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