Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

June Chapter 5 : Hideaway

The house smells of fresh flowers, light fills a room with a view of the sea.
From the next room a woman asks me if I want a cup of coffee. I say yes without thinking and keep staring at my screen. Her hand on my shoulder, I turn and look up.
But she’s gone and none of this is real anymore.

I built this place deep in the net, hidden on a VM on a tiny server hosted nowhere special. A recreation of the house we lived in. I wander onto the balcony while holding her hand. “june..what’s up are you okay?” “…no I’m tired Manya..’” Why the fuck did I even build this stupid thing.

I hit my failsafe and the jack slides out.
My head falls backwards and I’m still staring at the stucco on the ceiling of a shitbox in chiba city.

I sleep. fevered dreams , shapes and a highway of endless blue, an old friend who would know what to do, a beach in South Africa.


Chiba Hilton, Herring Arcade.
Malcolm smiles, his hand shakes mine.
I want answers, the beer is cold and welcome.

“how are you June, did you sleep well since the other night?”
”…look lets skip the formal bulshit shall we, just tell me what software you want and tell me where she is.”
"”well..okay..fine..if this is how it has to be then okay, I understand in your position I’d be impatient to, but try not to be so rude and remember who your friends are in this.”
‘”you come out of nowhere, we hadn’t spoken in 5 years and we’re FREINDS?”
”Alright June, calm down. I’ll tell you what I want. Administration access as well as keycards and building access to the Mitsubishi-Sendai database”
”…thats a BIG ask, and one that raises even larger questions.”
”can you do it.”
”possible, difficult but possible, it would require a serious hack and some serious digging in the right places…and money…”
”funds aren’t an issue, neither is time”
”okay, fine what the hell if you tell me how to find her, I’ll do it and when this is all over, I want you gone all of you and I’m too tired for this game anymore”
”done and done, I’ll tell you where she is. Wether you like it of course is an entirely different prospect.”
I swallowed the last of my beer and surveyed Malcolm’s craggy face and deep blue eyes.
”so, on last question. What’s T-A?”
His eyes went wide, anger crossed his face.
I didn’t feel the stun gun till it was too late to matter.


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