Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

June Chapter 4 : Oracle

Ten minutes ago I thought I knew what was up, I thought had it all figured out.
So I listened to her, after all she set me up in this town surely she would help me find a way out.
All it takes is ten minutes in a room with a stranger who knows the truth.
By the time the lift opened onto the bottom floor my pistol was safely tucked away where it lived and everything I knew had been challenged. She’s not worth this I thought. Nothing is.
It was too good to be true, Malcolm turning up out of blue, Aleph just having a place for me to shift the last of the goods. Fucking oracles I hate them.
I heard a rumour, back when I first got here about how there were people or something who had been around since the old days of the net, before the domes, before megacorps bought up the governments, hell even before there was a sprawl, back when The Inferno was still called London. We’re talking hundreds of years. These people living down through the ages just recording everything, Of course one of them would be up in a corp tower all nice and safe.
Nearly an hour later with my mouth still tasting the salty remnants of last night’s sushi , the door of the ‘Pussy Wagon’ jingling behind me I found my feet on the concrete floor of my apartment. The box, home. Whatever. Morag downstairs said Malcolm had visited while I was out,I didn’t give a shit though.
There was only one thing I needed right now.
The jack slid home and my world turned to quicksilver.
It’s only here I can breathe anymore, I needed to stretch my wings and fly.His name was crow after all, hell he even took some pseduodrugs I uploaded to him for a markup and gave me extra on top of that. Said I was being used, He said he knew Aleph has sent me and that she had wanted somebody close to him for years. Crow knew where she was,said Mitsubishi-sendai was deep involved. Said I’d have to go up the well, something about reclaiming some old tech left up there long ago before they stopped the launches. Told me I needed to learn about dub. Cryptic fuck, I don’t know half of what that shit meant.
Crow told me I needed to say something to Malcolm, wouldn’t say what it meant.
Only two letters.


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