Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

ag fok

i noticed for the first time today – because i can just kind of … not notice quite a lot of stuff … that it doesn’t say who posted a specific entry on this layout. heh. i shall now take credit for all the cool stuff on this blog … yes, it’s all me.

i’m in such a shitty space right now and can’t seem to shake it.  you know how it is .. people’s patience runs out hey.  mine too.

i can hardly feel my hands.

my working day’s far from over.

i feel heartbroken. i feel unwelcome everywhere. i feel like … eh.


yesterday my throat just spasmed a lot. today i am shaky, throat is sore, but only in a dull way.  head sore.  weepy. menstruating … should i be blaming most of this on that, i wish i wish i wish. day 3 is usually not like this.

i’m so worn out, not as in i need sleep … as in … been through the freaking spin cycle once too damn often.

*don’t panic*

i just needed to vent.

and if there’s any panicking to be done, i am really, really good at it.


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