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the razorgrrls autistic facial expression spectrum thingy

aspie mood identification guide

aspie mood identification guide


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Finally i’m writing some of my 3-2-3’s again. Very human drugs.

W’re all looking for something, searching desperate for purpose.
Career, study, drugs, you name it everyone does something for a purpose.
Take it all apart enough and this desire for purpose comes down to needing that rush.

That brilliant little flowing river of white mercury known as adrenaline.
The most human of drugs.

To find that purpose in life is to find that flowing gold, to keep you going for another day.
So you can wake up and say ‘i’m worth it’, ‘look how I’m contributing!’
Pat yourself on the back, you junkie.

Found this awesome list.

I can Identify with EVERYTHING on this list , no exceptions.

from here:

List of Female Asperger Syndrome Traits
These are in addition to the AS traits on the previous page. Those are germane to both males and females

Eccentric personality
Often musical, artistic
May have been diagnosed as autistic or Asperger’s when young, or may have been thought of as gifted, shy, sensitive, etc.. May also have had obvious or severe learning deficits
May have a savant skill or strong talent(s)
May have a strong interest in computers, games, graphic design, inventing, things of a technological and visual nature
Most of the time, she will be a self-taught reader, been hyperlexic as a child, and will possess other self-taught skills as well. Many of those skills will be traditionally thought of as male
Emotionally immature and very sensitive
Is often misunderstood and thought to be cold-natured and self-centered; unfriendly
Anxiety and fear are prevalent emotions
Strong sensory issues–sounds, smells, etc and is prone to overload.
Sometimes has meltdowns in public, sometimes over seemingly small things (sensory issues usually)
Is very outspoken at times, mute at others. May get very fired up when talking about passions/obsessive interests
More open to talking about feelings and emotional issues than males with AS
Like her male counterpart, will shut down in social situations once overloaded, but is generally better at socializing in small doses. May even give the appearance of skilled, but it is a ‘performance’
Doesn’t go out much. (Will prefer to go out with partner only or children if she has them)
Will not have many girlfriends and will not do ‘girly’ things like shopping with them or having get-togethers to watch chick-flicks
Will have a close friend or friends in school, but not once adulthood is reached
May or may not want to have a relationship. If she is in a relationship, she probably takes it very seriously but she may choose to remain celibate or alone
If she likes a male, she can be extremely, noticeably awkward in her attempts to let him know, e.g. she may call him repeatedly. This is because she fixates and doesn’t understand societal gender roles. This will change with maturity
Usually loves animals but not always due to sensory issues
Dresses comfortably due to sensory issues and practicality
Will NOT spend much time on grooming and hair. Hairstyles usually have to be ‘wash and wear’. Can be quite happy not grooming at all for extended periods of time.
Is youthful for her age, in looks, dress, behavior and tastes.
May have many androgynous traits despite an outwardly feminine appearance
May not have a strong sense of self, and can be very chameleon-like, especially until older (forties, fifties) or until diagnosed
Moody and prone to bouts of depression. May have been diagnosed as bi-polar or manic depressive (common comorbids of autism/AS) while the AS diagnosis was missed. (Often doctors are dismissive of her protests when she takes issue with these diagnoses)
Probably given several different prescriptions to treat symptoms. Will be very sensitive to medications and anything else she puts in her body so may have had adverse reactions. (**Temple Grandin recommends smaller doses of meds and supplements for autistics–I concur.)
9 out of 10 have noticeable Gastro-intestinal difficulties–e.g. ulcers, acid reflux, IBS, etc.
May be highly educated but will have had to struggle with social aspects of college. May have one or many partial degrees
Can be very passionate about a course of study or job, and then change direction or go completely cold on it very quickly
Will often have trouble holding onto a job and may find employment daunting (see my book “working with AS” or “Asperger’s on the Job”)
Usually smart as a whip, yet sometimes can be slow to comprehend. Again, due to sensory and cognitive processing issues
She may like rules, discipline, regulation, despite unconventionality. May seem old-fashioned in some ways–very Jane Austen or Emily Bronte in thinking and manners, which will seem contradictory to her progressive nature
Very rigid in certain habits, again which will contradict her seeming spontaneity
Needs control over her world; hence, usually happiest at home or in other controlled environment
Will usually be very proud and protective of the gifts that autism has bestowed, but would like to be more at ease in the world and suffer less.

This list of traits is based on my research. I interviewed dozens of diagnosed women of all ages and educational backgrounds, from all over the world. These traits were threads that ran throughout their information and stories, tying us all together. As usual, i do not mean to say that all women with AS will possess all of these traits. This list will be expanded and refined over the next few weeks.