Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Gender Identity 101

Lets talk physical.

Lets talk bodies.

On top of this, lets talk about you.

Lets talk about all of us.

A sex, everyone has one.

Be it a vagina or a penis or some combination of both determined by chromosomes we all baring unforeseen circumstances, have a physical sex.

Regardless of race, class and hell even species , we all have one.

When you look in the mirror you see yourself.

Everyday we put on clothes that match our bodies, we go out and do the things that Men and Women do.

Wait. Hold up. What.

Do we? do we really do that?

Who told you that because you have a vagina, you wear a dress?

Or because you have a penis you wear those new cargo pants?

Oh wait, hang on.

Thats just the way things have always been.

You grew up that way.

Like everyone else.

But wait. Did everyone else grow up that way?

Like everyone else in the world you’ve been gendered. Oh snap.

What the f**k does that mean, you ask me?

I’ve been wondering that myself a lot lately

When you think about yourself what do you think and I’m not talking about wether you’re good looking or wether you’re smart, or funny or any of that business. More basic. When you put on that skirt this morning or those heels for that party last weekend, did you stop to think about WHY you put on those things?

Why didn’t you wear a pair of cargo pants, or a nice suit to the party?

Because over the millennia it has somehow become engrained into society that there are things women wear, and things men wear. And thou shalt not deviate from them or else face the consequences.

Which must be dire indeed, because honestly nobody wants to talk about it.

Just how did this happen?

Well the answers to that, are all wrapped up in the question of what ‘Gender’ is.

Are gender and sex the same thing? What’s your gender?

You have a vagina? you’re a girl?

You have a penis? you’re a boy?

It’s pretty simple stuff.

Does the fact you have male or female genitals determine your gender?

No. No it doesn’t.

Why you ask?

Well think about it.

If in your head you are a girl, and physically you have a vagina.

Surely somewhere out there must be somebody who has a vagina, but in their head see’s a boy?

Or has a penis, but their whole being screams to them they are in fact a girl.

This comes down to Gender Identity, which I’ve come to believe is a fluid concept.

In our heads, we’re either male, female, neither, or anything else we choose.

How masculine we are or how feminine we are are also part of this.

Of course as we grow up, most of us have a firm sense of this.

We know just ‘how much’ of a woman we are, or just ‘how much’ of a man.

Our whole lives we have had Parents, peers, the media and hell even our clothing tell us how Masculine and How feminine women and men are supposed to be.

So gender Identity explained in a nice easy to digest healthy snack sized sentence would be:

Our own sense of being Female or Male.

Whether we have a penis, or a vagina doesn’t determine how we should behave or express ourselves.

That’s up to us, and only us.

No matter what an article on a specific 18 year old south african sprinter might have said.


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