Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.


Autism isn’t a disease, it’s not a disability. It’s a different way of being wired. But one thing that is true, is that it is pervasive. It effects every moment of every day, every minute of your life. You know you’re different and there isn’t a darn thing you can do to change that. Sure you can fake it. And hope you make it. Sometimes we escape, into other worlds, in our heads, on the net, into our obsessions and interests. These things, restore and refresh us in ways social contact and a hug just can’t. I know this woman, her obsession is cyberpunk. She reads novels by Gibson, Doctorow and various others. Dreams of plugging herself into a netbased world where her affinity for machines and love of the net will be celebrated instead of vilified. Where her social unwittingness, lack of co-ordination don’t matter. Where she can just be who she is. and be loved for that. Where she can be complete. I mean who wouldn’t want that. I’ve known it myself, whether I’m deep into a novel, on the net, or plugged into an RPG or video game I’m in a world that MAKES SENSE TO ME. That I can understand, and doesn’t scare me. Where going outside doesn’t mean venturing into a world filled with piercing sounds that break into your head. Where I can just be myself and thats okay. When you’re on the spectrum you feel so different from everyone else that you can barely understand the way the world works. Somebody said to me once they felt like they were from alpha centauri and were just alien anthropologists exploring earth but accidentally lost their memory. Life is interesting.


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