Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

the incredible lightness of being meh

I’m late blogging here, because life’s been freaking insane lately. For a change, the causes have n0t been all my acronyms, but other peoples’. Anyroad, better late than never, as “they” (whoever they are) say and here I am. Acronymous but rarely anonymous.

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
AS (asperger’s syndrome)
whatever-the-fuck they call clinical depression, from time to time

OK, the last one was a weak joke so I could go pee.

I’m sitting with headphones on, in a bubble … this is because right now I can feel my jaw clench and my teeth grind gently and I am very likely about to become as irritable as hell and need meds. Oh j0y.

Why? Because my ex ripped my head of verbally over the phone. Direct conflict might be necessary from time to time, but if not, it’s a very fucking shitty thing to do to anyone with either of the first two of them there acronyms. I’m now sitting with really mild starterpack babysteps symptoms, but here’s where they can go – and have done in the past –

cold sweats
the most primal scream you ever heard
fear fear FEAR

… and of course, those little delights can jumpstart that friendly old cycle of depression and suicidal ideations. Who cares? ME, motherfucker; because I have had efuckingnough of it thankyouverymuch. Don’t piss on my bliss man, it’s modest enough and do not fuck with my serene routines.

Or whatever.


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