Sex, Autism, Gaming and Feminisms.

Welcome, First an introduction.

This blog, is maintained by two women.

Samantha  and Ulla

Samantha is in her mid twenties. She has a form of high functioning autism, is an avid photographer and music lover.
She studies computer science at a major Australian university.
She is a gay woman with a partner of just over 4 years, she spends most of her time battling autistic stereotypes.
Bitching about gender, playing video games and watching old cult films.
Ulla is feeling a bit creaky and lives on the east cape of South Africa.
She enjoys long walks on the beach with her dogs, reading cyberpunk, playing with computers and photography.
Ulla is also a prolific blogger who’s entries can be found on as well as many other places.
Like Samantha, Ulla is also gay.

They have lived long varied lives and have many many stories to tell.

Ulla’s favorite colour is Blue

Samantha’s favorite colour is Red.

They both abhor American spelling.

This blog is going to be on many varied topics, from cool computer hardware, to books, music, autistic rights and bitches, gender and sexuality as well as other less important things.

Ulla also blogs over at :

Samantha also runs her personal blog over at:


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